Community Outreach Center is sensitive to the needs of our elderly neighbors.  We believe that opportunities for an active and fulfilling life should not be limited because of one’s age.  Our caring staff members provide a host of services that cater to both the physical and emotional needs of seniors throughout the community.  Program participation is free of charge.

Social Programs
Researchers have concluded that as a person ages, a positive attitude reduces stress, increases resiliency to illness, and greatly impacts the  quality of life.  For seniors, an active and fulfilling social life is important to maintaining this healthy positive attitude.  Community Outreach Center reaches out to the elderly, who might not otherwise have access to opportunities for socialization, through our daily social programs.  Seniors gather for riveting lectures, musical performances, nutritious meals, and the opportunity to stay connected with friends.  Door to door transportation is provided. Registration is required.

Exercise Program
Health and fitness really matters!  Seniors are often fearful or discouraged by fitness barriers like chronic health conditions or concerns about injuries or falls.  The good news is that gentle physical exercise and stretching can increase flexibility, provide an energy boost, and improve confidence.  Community Outreach Center provides exercise classes that are designed to help seniors achieve their optimum level of fitness.  A skilled and caring instructor conducts a bi-weekly exercise program for seniors, aiming for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Hot Meals
Meal preparation can be challenging for the elderly who live alone or shop on a tight budget.  Participants in Community Outreach Center senior program enjoy a balanced, nutritious hot lunch each day.  Menus include vegetable or fruit appetizers, a main dish featuring a hot protein, starch and vegetable, whole wheat bread and dessert.  Coffee is served with low fat milk and a variety of sweeteners.  Seniors look forward to going out for lunch at Community Outreach Center, where mealtime is more enjoyable shared with friends! 

Trips and Events
Program participants are privileged to take part in any number of special events sponsored by Community Outreach Center throughout the year.  Seniors can choose from a variety of planned group outings, including special shopping trips, scenic outings and boat rides.  Special events include lavish monthly luncheons and seasonal thematic events with guest speakers, slide presentations, and other surprise activities. 

Community Outreach Center provides roundtrip bus transportation to our programs and events.  Door to door service is free of charge and is handicapped accessible.  Community Outreach Center’s patient and friendly driver is happy to assist participants who have mobility issues.

Outreach and Support
The Community Outreach Center resource center provides information and assistance with a variety of issues affecting the elderly, including Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Homecare, Star-tax reduction and social security.  Bi-lingual staff members advocate on behalf of seniors to ensure they receive the benefits and services to which they are entitled. We provide direct assistance with completing and submitting of forms for government programs.  Our caring case managers form relationships with our clients, and will reach out with a card or phone call when seniors may be temporarily homebound.   

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