Community Health & Safety Awareness Project    

To improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, Community Outreach Center sponsors periodic safety education workshops that focus on strategies for safe walking, bicycling and driving.       

Car Seats
Motor vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of death for children in the United States.  Using child restraints and seat belts properly is crucial in protecting your family. 

Nationwide statistics reveal that in half of the car crashes that occur, children are not in any kind of child restraint, resulting in tragedy.  In addition, 3 out of 4 well intentioned parents install child car seats incorrectly, or fail to buckle up their children appropriately, providing minimal or no protection. Many parents are unaware that children require a booster seat to fit safely in the vehicle seat belt up until their 8th birthday.

Community Outreach Center’s on site technician is certified by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), and is available to assist you with child passenger safety seat inspections, and answer related questions.  Don’t compromise on safety! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Car seats are distributed free of charge to low income families.

Safe cycling requires more than good balance.  Safety starts at the top, with a properly fitting helmet.  According to recent Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute statistics, nine out of ten cyclists killed in accidents were reportedly not wearing helmets. Helmets prevent head injuries from accidents that can occur regardless of how short the ride, or how close to home.

Get kids into the helmet habit!  Put a helmet on your child’s head from the first time he sits on a tricycle or bicycle.  Wearing a helmet while on a bike should be as natural as wearing shoes.

Community Outreach Center bicycle safety workshops feature local police officers who instruct parents and children on the importance of wearing a properly fitting helmet, and other bike safety tips. 

Helmets are distributed free of charge to low income families.

We live in a walking community that has benefited from new sidewalks and crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety.  However, contrary to popular opinion, accident statistics reveal that the primary impediment to safe walking is not poor walking conditions, but rather pedestrian risk-taking, like walking after dark without a reflector.

At nighttime, our vision is only 5% of what it is during  the daytime.  It is almost impossible for a driver to see a person walking in the dark until it is too late to safely react.  Yet, a person on foot wearing a reflector, can be safely seen from as far as 550 feet away. 

Nighttime pedestrian accidents and deaths are preventable tragedies.  Wear a reflector!  You must be seen to be safe!

Reflectors are provided to the public free of charge at Community Outreach Center.

Monthly Safety Awareness Publications
Community Outreach Center publishes a monthly safety awareness bulletin that is mailed free of charge to over 8,000 county homes.  An informative safety feature displayed prominently inside the Rockland Bulletin, is presented in an entertaining, and family oriented format.  Read riveting first person accounts of how safety measures saved a life, or may have prevented a negative outcome.  Review rules for home fire safety, winter driving, CPR, electrical safety, playground hazards, poison prevention, and more.  Learn safety trivia with the entire family and encourage the kids to enter our monthly contests for a chance to win exciting prizes! 

Annual Health & Safety Fair
All county residents are welcomed to a fun filled health & safety expo to promote the  importance of good health care, immunizations, fire safety and so much more.  The fair features informative booths with health and safety brochures for the adults and hands on activities for the children.  A petting zoo, clowns, and balloons add to the excitement of the program.  The event is free of charge.

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