A satisfying job is more than just an avenue to financial security.  A person’s job contributes to their self image, provides an opportunity to utilize their talents, and is a critical determinant of family stability.   Community Outreach Center employment services are designed to assist those that are unemployed find meaningful work.  We offer valuable support in obtaining the necessary skills needed to reenter today’s complex work force, as well as matching individuals to appropriate jobs.

Career Development Counselors
Career development counselors are on hand to help individuals create a professional resume, and assist a prospective employee develop interviewing skills that showcase his/her aptitudes, experience, and workplace readiness.

Skill Building
Prospective employees who lack marketable skills can be referred to Community Outreach Center’s adult education classes to acquire the basic language and computer knowledge required in today’s competitive work environments.

Job Referral and Placement
Community Outreach Center’s employment department recommends participants to existing jobs and contacts potential employers to make referrals.  Our employment specialists enjoy a close relationship with many area businesses and are proud of our excellent track record of employer satisfaction with our referrals. 

Contact our offices at 845-356-9600 if you would like additional information regarding our employment department.
If you are an employer with a job opening available, Community Outreach Center should be your first call for quality suggestions on new recruits. 

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