Community Outreach Center is committed to the educational needs of all children in our community.  We believe that every child deserves a high quality education combined with the maximum level of intervention necessary to succeed in today’s ever changing world.  With this goal in mind, we provide and manage a myriad of services from as early on as Pre-Kindergarten through the high school years, making it possible for every student to realize their full potential and dream big.

 Universal Pre-K
Young, four year old children greatly benefit from a pre-school experience.  A safe-nurturing environment allows them to develop skills that form the foundations for reading, writing, and math.  Community Outreach Center operates and manages the pre-school program for local schools, servicing over 730 students.  This program allows for eligible students to receive a significant head start in their learning at no cost to the parents.

 Title I
Every student is entitled to a fair and equal opportunity to receive a high quality education.  The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, raised expectations for all schools, in that all students will meet or exceed state standards.  Community Outreach Center currently provides Title I services to 49 non-public schools in various local districts.  We employ certified and other highly qualified staff to offer remediation services for students that are struggling in the core subject areas. 

 Title III
Many of the students in our local districts speak languages other than English in their respective homes, greatly impeding their English reading and writing skills.  Students that are identified as limited English proficient (LEP), require additional support to attain English language proficiency, develop high levels of academic achievement in English, and meet the same challenging standards that all children are expected to meet.  Community Outreach Center provides Title III services to 25 non-public schools, offering remediation services through our certified and highly qualified mentors for students that are identified as LEP.  In addition, our staff is available to consult with schools to design appropriate instruction, and manage the necessary procedures to meet all requirements of the program.

 After School Program
Community Outreach Center is aware of the growing need for quality after-school services to support young students and working families. We provide an after –school program for students in grades 1-6 at seven local sites in our community.  This program offers a range of services to ensure that students are fully supported, in and out of the classroom.  COC employs qualified mentors that offer remedial assistance to students with homework assignments and preparation for exams.  We distribute healthful, daily snacks, and provide transportation to and from the program sites for all participating students.

At Community Outreach Center we understand the importance of unlocking futures so that youth in trouble do not have to become adults in trouble.  Through our afternoon programs for teenagers ages 14-17, we are able to transform the chaotic lives of young people through persistent and compassionate mentoring.  We offer a balanced mix of academic support, recreational activities, annual field trips as well as daily nutritious meals, in various local sites in the community. 

 Title IIA
Community Outreach Center understands the importance of high quality professional development training that is planned, sustained, and classroom focused, positively impacting classroom instruction.   Throughout the year, our staff works to manage and organize professional teams to conduct workshops in our local schools.


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