A Message from the Executive Director 

In 1997, Community Outreach Center opened its doors to serve a growing number of area residents who faced challenges to their stability and quality of life.  A twenty-year look back reveals the effectiveness of our work at building a safe and prosperous community by helping individuals remove barriers to their own success. 

The agency has grown ten fold during this time, and so has our menu of services in response to the expanding areas of need and requests for assistance.   We continue to unveil many new initiatives and develop valuable partnerships to enhance service delivery.  Our short list of our comprehensive service areas includes:

  • Housing
  • Human Services
  • Employment
  • Senior Citizens Program
  • Safety Programs
  • Title I remedial services and after school programs for students

Continuing in the tradition of COC’s founder Rabbi Jacob Horowitz obm we honor the agency mission of building a strong community one family at a time.  Through education, advocacy and compassionate support, we reach out to benefit the community as a whole, just as we serve those who walk through the door in their hour of need.

To maintain our quality of service we do rely on the generous contributions of those who are able to help and who wish to take part in lifting our community to the highest standards of communal caring and support.

Please feel free to contact us.  We welcome your suggestions to serving you better.

Rabbi Hersh Horowitz,
Executive Director


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